Advent Films is a commercial video production company based in Los Angeles, California. We’ve produced print, digital and broadcast media for some of the world’s most elite brands.

We’re not just another production company- we’re specialists in eye-candy. We approach each project with a unique cinematic perspective, creating polished and stylized content so gripping that you’re unable to pause.

Let’s make something different. Let’s create something notable.

AJ Bleyer


AJ should be looked at as only having one hand because since the age of 13 he’s only ever held a camera in the other. By the time he had turned 21 he had risen to the position of Apple “Genius” with a myriad of Apple Certifications under his belt. His love for advertising and skilled technical abilities forged the perfect combination to start creating content.

Trying to marry his two passions of cars and cameras, he began shooting automotive videos. His work quickly spread to luxury dealerships such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati, Ducati, Rolls Royce and more. Soon, AJ began being known for his automotive work. In April of 2014 he directed a video for Nitto Tire that has since earned more than 6,000,000 views online.

At age 22 AJ left his job at Apple to pursue filmmaking full-time, and within a year was directing videos for elite car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Tesla Motors and more. His portfolio now includes a wide variety of content, from MTV-featured music videos to national broadcast television commercials.

When he’s not working on movies or driving cars, AJ is either working on movies or driving cars.

Bianca Gorodinsky


Bianca has always believed that there’s beauty in the details. After graduating from UCSB she went on to pursue a career in event production. She quickly found herself managing elite productions for high profile clients, event planners and production companies, which only furthered her love for design, coordination, and absolute madness.

Two years later, Bianca gave up floor plans and floral bouquets for call sheets, cameras, and supercars. Having a knack for obsession over even the smallest details, Bianca now organizes and oversees large commercial productions with an unmatchable precision.

When she isn’t rummaging through invoices or organizing casting calls, Bianca appreciates long romantic walks to the fridge and catching up on the latest episode of Scandal.